>Danishpopsinger: Richard Ragnvald<

Richard Ragnvald debuted in 1959 with his own band The Rich 's Band that played at school parties in Århus. Later he played with Henry Lind by a number of exposures in community centers .

Richard Ragnvald worked in the years 1964-1971 as a porter at Marselisborg Hospital in Aarhus. In 1964 he met Solveig Sønderholm and together they established the duo Solveig & Richard , who debuted at the restaurant Søsporten of Business.

They recorded the number plates intended Danish top and had in the mid-1970s success with recordings like " Out of the top" and " Dice song" . In 1980, ceased cooperation and Richard Ragnvald began for themselves. In 1981 he recorded a version of " Freedom flies " and at the same time he was engaged to a cabaret in Horsens and later at Sans Souci in Kolding.

He was also host of the television bingo programs on local television in Aarhus , Esbjerg , Odense and Fredericia. He starred in local radio and television and went on a three month tour with " The Flying Aarhus Gymnasts " to the United States .

As he achieved great success through the Jutland local radio stations and in the early 1990s , his popularity has spread across the country. In 1992 came the crucial breakthrough with "Thank you because we 're friends ," and since then he has gained successes in Danish top - especially with " Dear little grandmother "

in 1995 and " Three small modest words " in 2001. He has released CDs , LPs and cassettes and performs around the country about . 200 to 250 times per year.

Richard Ragnvald was one night harassed by two roots that got a walloping of the popular singer, and private lives in a converted merchant's house from 1777 in a village between Aarhus and Silkeborg - behind a pound , which is a smaller copy of the standing in front of Graceland - Elvis Presley's home in Memphis in the United States .

After living together for 25 years , Richard Ragnvald married on 12 August 2012 with Vibeke Ragnvald .